Looking for Residential Roofing Installation Service Near The Greater Chicago Area

Guaranteed Home Roofing

Whether you’re updating your home and you need a completely new roof installed or your property is suffering from seasonal storm damage, the professionals at Chicago Pro Construction can handle all of your needs. We’re familiar with all the roofing characteristics Chicago homeowners are looking for, and our team works diligently to install, replace, repair, or maintain residential roofing comprised of shingles, tile, wood shakes, and more. We use fully licensed roofing subcontractors to provide your property with comprehensive roofing solutions that keep your home looking great and completely protected well into the future.

Confidence in Your Roofing Solution

At Chicago Pro Construction, all of our roofing projects start with an accurate and reliable estimate to give property owners a better idea of the cost and scope of the work involved. We’ve handled plenty of roofing projects over the years, and we’re able to provide money-saving tips and time-saving solutions to both local homeowners and businesses. We go the extra mile to ensure your roofing system is a reliable and attractive one, carefully addressing all of your roof’s ventilation and weather resistance needs as the work is performed. Contact Chicago Pro today for a stronger, better-looking roof at 630-942-8000 today.